Monday, February 9, 2009


Like other SIMS games, this one is very addicting. The difference is that this games has an ending. There are goals for the sims to do while stranded on the island. You will also find pieces of the treasure map. I was able to finish the game without getting the last piece of the map. It's really disappointing that i can't find the last one! There are no walkthroughs available yet. Anyway, here are some tips i can give you...

WARNING: contains spoilers
* At the beginning, you will be asked to create your sim. I would like to remind you that you can create your own crew with a maximum of 6 people. My sister only created 1 sim and she was surprised when she saw me controlling 6 sims. You may create only 1 if you like. Believe me you can finish the game with only one sim.
* There are monkeys in the game. Dont shoo them. Chat and give them bananas. When you befriend them, they will harvest resources for you. Interacting with them increases your socials.
*Gather as much resources as you can to stock up on items and build body&mechanical skills. Stock up on woods, leaves and materials for the rope. You'll be needing lotsa ropes.
*To make tools and object plans, you will need a working bench. Your first working bench are the two large stones you will find in the island.There are 2 working benches you will find. Later on, you can upgrade your working bench by making your own. Again, gather resources.
*When making firepits, be sure to place it far from objects to avoid fire. Firepits can be used for cooking and increasing fun. Sit over the fire and call another sim then tell a ghost or funny story. You may build a home tiki near it and declare the area your home. I suggest building your home at the beach. You may change homes.
*Building hut or shack with walls can be irritating cos you cant see inside it. When asked to build a hut, you may move the roof after building it so you can see what your sims are doing. Placement of objects will also be easier.You may remove the walls.
*Once you find your crew, you cannot control them right away. You must first befriend them before you can ask them to join the tribe. Once you accomplished this, press L1 and L or R arrow key to move to another sim.
*After reading the message bottles, keep the bottles coz you will need them later in the game.
*You may use the map to travel to another area or island that you have travelled. Move the arrow keys to highlight your area of choice.
*When you find a hidden island, you will get a treasure map. Unfortunately a part of it was eaten by a shark. Be sure to go fishing for the shark to get the map.
*In the dark cave you will see a big door. You can open it later in the game when you find Llama King's Crown. You will find the crown in the volcano's interior.
*It is advisable to focus on only 1 sim to build skills.You can switch to other sims while your main sim is asleep then switch back to your main sim before he wakes up.
*You can make clothes during the game. Be sure to gather lotsa resources like leaves, vines and grass. You will be surprised that some sims will grow beards, hair and will look unkempt. You can change their looks in the option menu. I made some sims wear the handmade clothes that i made and they didnt grow their hair and beards. Maybe changing their clothes affects their grooming.
*There are 2 ways to get off the island: by boat or sending an SOS. Once you have built a catamaran or repair a transmitter on top of the volcano, the game will end. If you havent finished your goals, there will be an option in the end if you wanna return to the island and finish the goals.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


I just started playing Persona4 2 weeks ago. Just like Persona3, the game is very addicting. Plus, there's a lovable character that's so cute.... TEDDIE!!!
There are lotsa similarities from the previous Persona game. The main character is a student and you're able to establish social links with the people you meet in school, shopping district, etc. I'm halfway through the game and i developed a system of spending my days so that i develop my skills to the maximum while establishing strong social links.
The trick here is to go 1x a wk to train and fight. Unlike in Persona3, the characters in Persona4 dont get exhausted right away. That's why i stock up on healing items before going to the tv. Once i'm in the tv, i'll train as long as i can to level up and gather items. Gather as many items as you can so that new weapons,armors&accessories can be made. Sometimes it needs 10 or more to make a new weapon.
Collect chest keys.After finishing the castle, go to the sauna. When you return to the castle, the map starts over again& you can reopen the chests.
Always SAVE so that when there's Q&A in class, you can reset the game if you answered wrong.