Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Brother DCP-165C Printer

This is a multi-function printer. You can print, scan, copy and it reads usb flashdisks without the use of a computer. Print speeds up to 30ppm black and 25ppm color.Along with the printer, you'll receive :

1) 4 Cartridges (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black)
2) 4" x 6" Photo paper pack
3) Power cables with plug socket adapter
4) USB data cable Software
5) Driver CD User Manual & Quick Setup Guide.

I bought this printer because of its multifunction feature and the cartridges are not that expensive compared with other printers. Fast Normal Printing Option is quite fast. The problems i encountered were:

1) Most of the time, the transfer of data from pc to printer is very slow especially if you'll print more than 10 pages.
2) I had trouble with the feeding of the papers.I wasted many papers when i printed back to back because it eats up or feeds 2 or more pages. It's hard to print odd&even numbers back to back because of this problem.

My Favorite PS1&2 Games

I started to become addicted to computer games when Playstation 1 was launched.It is hard to recall the games i played but here here are some of the games i was able to finish:
1)Resident Evil 1,2&3
- Who wouldn't know this game? I hope you have unlocked the secrets and bonus games.
2) Silent Hill 1
- I think this is one of the scariest game I ever played. Maybe because the atmosphere is always dark and you're only holding a flashlight.
3)Parasite Eve 1&2
- Very easy game play
4)Theme Hospital
- Very addicting. You get to build, manage the hospital and cure the weirdest diseases. You will even have visitors from other planets!
5)The Guardian
- For children
6) Azure Dreams
- I enjoyed this game alot! You get to search for eggs in a tower, hatch them and raise monsters.
7) Suikoden2,3,5
- My favorites are Suikoden 2 and 5, especially the cook-off in Suikoden 2
8) Final Fantasy IV
- The best Final Fantasy game!
9)Legend of Dragoon
10)Harvest Moon Back To Nature
- I love simulation games
11) Harvest Moon Another Wonderful Life
12) Legends of Legaia
14) Thousand Arms
- A funny adventure game. You get to date different girls
15) Clock Tower
- Creepy but fun!
16) Echo Night
- Scary! Maybe i should create another post bout scary games...

17) Tales of Destiny
-cute graphics
18) Wild Arms

There are so many that I can't remember them all! I have to continue this list some other time.


Can you still remember the good old DOS games? There are many addicting dos games that you should check out.The games are usually point and click or you right down an action the character should do. I recommend the following:

1) Maniac Mansion

This is a funny,horror-mystery rpg released by Lucas Films. Dave is going to save his kidnapped girlfriend. There are multiple characters and various endings. This is quite creepy and gorry.Very addicting!

2) Pizza Tycoon

You get to buy and run your own restaurants and create pizza recipes. You will also decorate your restaurants, buy ingredients, etc. Really great game!

3) Princess Maker

A simulatiom game wherein you help a child transform to a princess. You get to improve her skills, buy dresses, etc.

4) MadTv

In this game, you manage a television network. You get to choose which films to show everyday and earn money.

5) 5 Days A Stranger

A point and click adventure-mystery game. You get to solve the mystery of the mansion and get out there alive.

Smart Bro USB Modem

I just purchased Smart Bro USB modem. It comes with an installation cd and connector. It is much cheaper now, probably because u only get to have P100 worth of free internet unlike, the previous package with P300 worth pf free internet.

The cd is very easy to install and the modem has very high signal. The file transfer or wireless connection is really fast! The usb is very handy and you can connect your laptop with the internet wherever you go. You load up your modem just like loading your cellphones. You can even go to the store for e-load or ask your friends and family for pasaload.

Internet connection costs P10 per 30minutes. Downloading is very fast but i dont recommend that you use the modem 5hrs a day. It's costly to surf that long.

If you dont have a cellphone with usb modem, i recommend using smartbro usb modem for people on the go.


If you have a Friendster account, be sure to install the Super Pets application. It is a simulation game, much like a tamagochi but hundred times better. You get to choose your pet: dog, cat, penguin, duck, monkey, etc and customize it. There are various options to customize your pet so it will be unique and appropriate to your taste. You get to dress it up, feed, play, hug, clean, tickle, etc. You earn money by visiting and hugging your pet and also by hugging your friends' pets. The more, the merrier! When your friend hugs your pets, you also receive money.

You can go shopping for clothes, furnitures for your pet's house, accessories and battle gears. Yes, battle gears! Your pet can battle other pets and level up! The battle gears are quite expensive, so make the most of it. You can only use the battle gears for 1 day.

It's really fun playing super pets especially if you like taking care of virtual animals.Their clothes are cute and adorable. The graphics is eye candy. Be sure to walk your pet so you can see the colorful neighborhood and visit your friends' pets in their houses.

Play On-Line and Get Paid

I was amazed that there you can now earn extra income and recieve speacial gifts by playing games on-line! Of course you have to really play, gather points and you can convert them into cash or prizes.

One of them is Exodus 3000. This is a very simple on-line game. There are no moving graphics or animated characters. Here, you'll travel a world, dig up items, attack a settlement, build your defenses and complete missions.It's pretty easy actually.You have 250 free moves. Make most of it by digging up treasures and improving your stats. You will also collect special cards and you might dig up something that will teleport you to your area of choice.

You'll receive Mars Dollars once you accomplished special missions, attacked a settlement succesfully, and dig up volcanoes.
You can join alliances or build your own once you become powerful.

You can check it out and register for free.


I have finally finished Persona 4. It's surprising that there are different endings! I will not tell you the ending so as not to spoil your game. I will just give you some tips. First, try to build your social links with your team mates first. They gain special skills in battle when your social levels up. When it reaches its maximum, something more special will happen.

About the game's endings.My first 2 endings were not that good. I wasnt able to solve the mystery behind the killings in the town. I almost gave up. I tried different answers or choices but the ending was still bad. It will all depend on the choices you make in the hospital scene. Be sure to save so you can go back and try the other options. Fortunately, through perseverance, i got the right answer and the ending became different.

Persona 4 is the funniest game I've ever played! I hope you give it a try!